As Donald J. Trump agrees above. I feel the same way about what they have done to us. I’ve lived here in Nevada all my life. I went to Brinley Jr High and Western High School. I attended the Community College of Southern Nevada. I earned a Bachelors degree from UNLV.  I was Elected to the Nevada Assembly in the early 1990’s And I was elected by, allot of you folks, to the Constable of Las Vegas until Chris Giunchigliani made an unconstitutional County ordinance in collusion with Steve Sisolak using a single bogus letter to influence his fellow commissioners.  Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak used false allegations as a Political Smoke screen to cover up their circumventing the voters and usurping of the Constitution.
We have the unfortunate situation where they then decided they were going to try and frame John Bonaventura concerning the Rigged Witch Hunt.  Malicious prosecution and political corruption Steve Sisolak, County Commissioner.They’ve all betrayed the American people with a political agenda. They stoled from the voters the 2014 election and influenced all future elections of the Las Vegas Township Constables Office, they stole from the voters in Las Vegas and in Nevada and the United States.Very little pick-up by dishonest fake media of incredible information provided. So dishonest! Rigged system! They circumvented the voters. They violated our constitution, they’ve done injustice to the people that elected them.  These Politicians are not for us. 

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Documented information that Commissioner Sisolak and Commissioner Chris G conspired and committed deliberate fraud by deception upon the media and the citizens of Nevada by making and allowing public statements they knew were false. Conspiracy against another Elected Official. 

The corruption goes even deeper.

Chris G and Sisolak used dishonest Political tactics to cover up their circumventing the voters and usurping of the Nevada constitution, violating their oaths of office. See below: Tom Collins affidavit and Violation of open meeting law.

They Circumvented the voters. 

They violated our constitution. 

They violated their oath of office. 

Nevada Constitution says that Constables have to be elected. The law says the county can only abolish an Elected Constable office the Commission determines the offices are no longer needed and they would also have to satisfy the equality doctrine  ingrained within our constitution, but that’s not the reason they did it. If they abolish one then they have to be abolish all 13 of them. The office is not even abolished it’s only been moved over to Metro. If it’s not necessary then why does it still exist? Only difference is that the commission now has complete control over it, not the people as intended by our Nevada Constitution. 

And if these unjustly politicians decide to do the same thing in North Las Vegas and Henderson, it will be for all the wrong reasons. As they recently unjustly raided the Henderson Constable and North Las Vegas  Constable candidate  Jimmy Vega.

During the Commission meeting to vote on the bogus Chris G. proposal for abolishment of our elected Las Vegas Constables Office, Commissioner Steve Sisolak read a bogus smear letter that he solicited from a lady named Mrs. Martinelli Price. Sisolak made sure the letter was verbally read into the record so everyone could here it and it would be on television, thus trying to discredit the office  and the Constable even further. Sisolak set up the whole fiasco in order to discredit the office so that the other commissioners would feel publicly justified in voting for the measure. Below: actual raw footage from the incident. The car had expired fictitious plates for a Lincoln Town-car, flat tires, parked on the street and was a safety hazard for children. This video shows the truth about the matter which was totally opposite of the letter that Sisolak read to convince his colleagues. The next day we were able to find this video but it was already to late because the vote to abolish the office was over and the damage by Crirs G and Sisolak was already done. 

Here is a link to that actual footage:

This video exposed the truth and devastated commissioner Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani to the point of Pulling political strings, trading favors with other officials to eliminate opponents through blatant lies and even false allegations.

PLEASE be advised that I have documented information that  commissioners engaged in gross violations of open meeting laws and Fraud which violates our Nevada Constitution. 

I have documented information that commissioner Sisolak and commissioner Chris Giunchigliani conspired and committed deliberate fraud by deception upon the citizens of Nevada by making and allowing public statements they knew were false and by colluding with the media to put out fake news.  Sisolak colludes  with the media all the time by  trading favors with media people like  reporter Ben Bodkin from RJ. Just look on Twitter you will see.

These two commissioners participated in a collaborative effort to shield their corrupt activities and abuse of their Office and authority and there is evidence and public viedos that prove to be very scorching to them.

This story never told to media by John Boneventura is well supportive and documented. 


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