Shady Steve Sisolak

As a telemarketer and lobbyist turned career politician, Shady Steve turned around and sued taxpayers—scoring a $15 million personal payout from government funds. (1)He took that personal profit and used it to become a Clark County kingpin. In that position, he gave government contracts to his cronies and helped them get rich off of taxpayers too. (2)

In Clark County, he’s ignored our failing schools, refused to stand up to those pushing sanctuary cities, and raised taxes to fund more pay-offs to his political outfit. We cannot allow this corrupt career politician to apply his fringe, failed approach to our entire state.

(1) Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/7/10 and 1/4/14(2) Clark County Commission Consent Agenda, 12/17/13 (Agenda #54) and Las Vegas Review Journal 1/27/12


Steve Sisolak was elected to serve the people, but he’s only ever cared about personal profit. Instead of representing taxpayers, Shady Steve sued the county and profited $15 million. It gets worse. After personally taking all of those funds, Steve Sisolak helped get more government money for the lawyer who made him rich.

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